I have always been crazy about dogs. My whole childhood I dreamed of having a dog of my own and as I grew up, my wish came true. I started sewing as soon as my feet reached the sewing machine pedal. Since then, bags, clothes, accessories and much more have been born. That burning desire to create new things first led to Vocational College for Clothing from which I graduated as a Clothing artisan in 2004. The journey continued to Metropolia University of Applied Sciences to study industrial design. I graduated from there in 2012 as a Designer.

Over the years, I have been asked what I would like to do if I had the opportunity to choose freely. My answer: I would like to work with dogs. My long-term dream has been to set up my own business where I could combine my numerous passions: something related to dogs, my creativity, development and implementation of new ideas.

My dream came true in 2014 when I founded my own trademark: MINJI. MINJI was founded for the love of dogs’ and women’s accessories.

Product design is inspired by Finnish culture and design tradition; minimalism and timeless design. The design mixes this tradition with no hesitation with modern lines and details that combine elegance and fun. Women’s and dogs’ collections are built around the same elements. The unite collections form personalized products, which give their user a chance to stand out in the best possible way.

The main material is leather. The surplus pieces remaining from the manufacturing process of larger products are salvaged and processed into smaller products. This enables the best possible use of the valuable ecological material.

Products can be purchased from the company’s own online store and in the future from other online stores and retail stores. I’m always interested in new possibilities for cooperation both in Finland and abroad.