Dog half-tightness leather collar




Product Description

Design collar for dogs. Collars are made of leather and are half-tightness model.

How to measure the right size?

Measure your dog’s neck at the widest and then the narrowest point which is usually behind the ears. It is recommendable that the collar’s smallest size is 1-2 centimeters smaller than the narrowest point. Collar size is good when it won’t go over the dog’s head easily when it is tighten.

Example: Dog’s widest is 35 centimeters and narrowest 32 centimeters, so the perfect size is 30-45 centimeters.

Model is available in 4 different sizes:

Small: 15 mm x 20-30 cm (0,6´´x 8-12´´)
Medium: 20 mm x 30-40 cm (0,8´ x 12-16´´)
Large: 30 mm x 40-50 cm (1,2´´x 16-20´´)
Extra Large: 40 mm x 50-60 cm (1,6´´x 20-24´)

Material: Leather

Additional information

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