MINJI is a small Finnish design label. It is created for the love of women’s and dogs’ accessories.
Production is inspired by Scandinavian minimalist and classical timeless design.

More information: minji.fi

Design collars for dog. Collars are made of leather and are half-tightness model.

How to measure the right size
Measure your dog’s neck at the widest and then the narrowest point which is usually behind the ears. It is recommendable that the collar’s smallest size is 1-2 centimeters smaller than the narrowest point. Collar size is good when it won’t go over the dog’s head easily when it is tighten. Example: Dog’s widest is 35 centimeters and narrowest 32 centimeters so the perfect size is 30-45 centimeters.

Puolikuristava kaulapanta
Mittaa koiran kaula leveimmästä sekä kapeimmasta kohdasta. Levein kohta löytyy kaulan juuresta ja kapein korvien takaa. Puolikiristävä panta tulisi kiristyä myös kapeassa kohdassa niin, että se ei mene koiran pään yli. Oikea koko on silloin, kun kapeimmassa kohdassa kiristysosa on käytössä 1-2 cm matkalta.

Esimerkki: Levein kohta on 35 cm ja kapein 32 cm, jolloin oikea koko on 30-45 cm.

Shopping help
If you have anything to ask concerning your order or our online shop you can contact us via e-mail minji-info(a)minji.fi. We try to answer as soon as possible, hopefully during the same working day.

All orders are processed within two working days. A preliminary confirmation will be sent by email when your order is placed. The delivery time inside Finland is 2-5 working days and abroad 10-14 working days. In case we are not able to deliver the products due to stock availability or the delivery delays for other reasons you will receive an announcement within 30 days upon order. Ordering outside EU you must consider local custom fees and taxes. We recommend to find out about regulations and payment policies from your local custom office.

Finnish and international orders are shipped by Itella.

Freight cost Itella:
Finland: 7,90 €
International orders: 12 €

Free shipping on all orders over 80 euros!

Returns and exchanges

You can return or exchange your order within 14 days upon delivery. During this time you have a possibility to send back the products you have received without any obligations. You have the right to return a product. When we receive the product, we will refund you within 10 days. Please provide us with your bank account details (IBAN). Within Finland you can return a product without any additional charges. Please use Itella for the product return and remember to attach the return form with the package.

Please use this return form: Download here!

Itella package return code: 5021172

When returning products from outside Finland we wish to be contacted first via e-mail: minji-info(a)minji.fi in order to achieve a satisfactory solution for both parties. Out of Europe there will be returning cost depending on the size of the package.

Important information
The delivery times may vary due to force majeure reasons (e.g. strikes, accidents, shipping distractions and import- and export bans). Please take into notice that the colours of the products may differ due to colour technical reasons when spectated from a computer screen or a mobile device.

Methods of payment

Maksu pankkipainikkeilla (For Finnish customers)
Checkout maksunvälityspalvelu välittää maksusi kauppiaalle. Käytössäsi on kaikkien pankkien maksupainikkeet. Checkout on sinulle turvallinen maksutapa. Palvelu on maksulaitoslain siirtymäsäännöksen nojalla merkitty Finanssivalvonnan ylläpitämään maksulaitosrekisteriin. Checkout on Checkout Finland Oy:n (y-tunnus 2196606-6) ylläpitämä palvelu.

Through Paypal we accept Visa and Mastercard. If you have problem with paying by PayPal, you can always contact us by email: minji-info(a)minji.fi